When you think about basketball, what type of athlete most readily comes to mind? For most people, the answer will be a very tall man. It's hard not to think that way, either ? after all, many of the most prominent basketball stars around the world are men, especially considering that the American NBA produces much of the world-class talent. The sport was even conceived as part of a male fitness programme to encourage indoor exercise during the cold summer months. Yet none of this means that it is solely a sport for men, and there are huge numbers of women around the world who find the game just as thrilling. So, what is the women's basketball scene like today?

If you're a lady who has an interest in taking the ball down the court, how do you get started? From the training, you'll want to engage with the role models in the sport. There?s no shortage of interesting information available about women's basketball. Ready to learn how you can immerse yourself in the game? First, consider how the game crossed the gender barrier and grew in popularity enough to support the formation of leagues like the WNBA and others.

Complex Department collaborated with one of the best sports foundations in Ghana Dunkgrass roots to host the Department first basketball tournament on 17th December 2022 at Dunkgrass roots sports complex court ( jamestown) to empower women and also create safe space for women finding their roots in thw basketball career

Basketball is a very active game, and you'll burn plenty of energy when you're playing. That's a major benefit you can see right away: the more you play, the better your cardiovascular endurance. You can even see gains in lung capacity. Many who exercise find that it becomes easier to breathe during the day and that they feel more energised than before. For many women, a few games of basketball a week ? combined with other fitness activities or even a lively practice session ? can have measurable benefits.

For example, low bone density is a problem faced by many women as they age. Sports like basketball, while they are high-impact exercises, help to strengthen your bones overall. The repeated heavy stresses you'll place on your body, especially in your legs, will promote the growth of stronger, healthier bones. Meanwhile, the rest of your body receives a thorough workout as well. Your upper body needs to be toned to lob shots towards the basket, while you'll also be twisting and turning to throw and catch passes. Basketball is also an inherently social sport; you're playing a casual game with some friends and having fun on the court. For many women, it can be an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends. Socialisation is an important part of developing robust mental wellness. This aspect of the game isn't to be under-appreciated!



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